The first parking app in space. A global campaign from EasyPark Group

EasyPark Group has, for the past 20 years, been leading parking innovation and smart mobility, transforming traditional systems to modern and convenient solutions. All with the mission to make cities more liveable. For 2023 they wanted to broaden the scope, making not only cities, but Earth more liveable.

During 2023 there had been an unusually high amount of news stories concerning UFO sightings around the world. NASA even had to testify in front of U.S Congress about why they could not explain some sightings being made. All that noise, but still no contact.

So we asked ourselves, maybe THEY just couldn’t find parking?

On October 10th, at 19:00, EasyPark Group became the first parking app in space. With the help of Grimeton Radion Station World Heritage Site in Sweden the app codes were compressed and converted in to a signal that was then broadcasted to space. The app code travels at the speed of 299 792 458 meters per second and is now available for whatever lifeform that might be out there to download and use.

So, when THEY embark on their journey to Earth, they will have the power to effortlessly find and manage their parking.


  • Chief Communications Officer: Louise Ekman, EasyPark Group
  • Interim Chief Communications Officer: Kershini Henriksson, EasyPark Group
  • Communications Manager: Lina Lindahl Sundin, EasyPark Group
  • Social Media & Content Lead: Line Windstrup Sørensen, EasyPark Group
  • Communications Manager: Linda Bornmark, EasyPark Group
  • Agency: JMWGolin, Stockholm
  • Head of Strategy: Björn Mellstrand, JMWGolin
  • Project Manager: Gabriel Freye, JMWGolin
  • Creative Director: Joakim Karlsson, JMWGolin
  • Art Director: Filip Lindquist, JMWGolin
  • Art Director: Isabelle de Susini, JMWGolin
  • Producer: Rikard Rogeland, JMWGolin
  • PR-specialist: Andreas Zannin, JMWGolin
  • PR-specialist: Ebba Rosenberg, JMWGolin
  • Sociala media-specialist: Rasmus Forssberg, JMWGolin

Source: JMWGolin

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