Invibes Advertising celebrates 10 years of #GoodVibes with bold plans for the future

In 2011, Invibes Advertising was born out of the conviction that the digital brand advertising of tomorrow would not only be awareness-based, but also engagement-based. In order to tick both boxes, the tech company began developing exclusive advertising experiences, broadcast across a powerful selection of media while using contextual and behavioural data sets to ensure the most relevant user would always be in play.


Since its inception, Invibes has invested at least 10% of its turnover in R&D every year. This visionary belief in innovation has proven to be extremely successful — driving an average annual sales growth rate of over 50% every year.

Today, the Invibes platform combines deep advertising algorithms and ground-breaking  machine learning technologies. Its “Walled Garden” positioning combines all the advantages of high-quality media environments and big platforms that operate proprietary technologies. This bold approach has allowed Invibes to run campaigns for the biggest brands in the world and to partner with the most prestigious publishers.

With several new ambitious projects in the pipeline, Invibes Advertising is expected to maintain its strong growth across Europe. Its strategy of technical independence in terms of innovation and evolution will carry on over the next ten years, to an even greater extent.

Invibes’ ID Network

A clear example of this is Invibes’ response to the demise of third-party cookies. The advertising tech developer anticipated this scenario as far back as two years ago, subsequently working to develop its own profile-targeting technology which is based on a private ID Network fuelled by data partners.

Such a system is made possible by Invibes’ direct partnerships with more than 1,000 publishers that are able to sync readers’ email hashes. This curated network of premium media websites allows Invibes to reach 250 million unique users per month in Europe, which will lead to one of the strongest email-hash-based ID Networks in the entire industry — one that delivers the same benefits as big platforms do via their user logins.

Complementarily, Invibes has begun to set up agreements with major data brokers and data owners, such as e-commerce websites. When associated with its ID Network, these partnerships will provide the tech company with a targeting capacity that was inconceivable even in the era of third-party cookies.

Focusing on the future

Invibes will continue to invest in AI and Machine Learning technologies, with the aim of further enhancing its state-of-the-art platform. Big-Data-based algorithms are currently in development, which will ultimately allow Invibes to gain deep insights from massive amounts of raw data.

At this point, the tech developer boasts a line-up of more than 40 innovative in-feed ad formats. This number will continue to grow, with new engaging products and families of products already in development.

The network of media websites across which these formats are disseminated will also expand far beyond the current number of 1,000. Premium publishers from all over Europe constantly partner up with Invibes thanks to its creative ad formats, ability to increase overall yields, and ease of technical integration.

Currently operating in 7 European markets, the group will keep expanding its international reach into new countries, even into new continents. This will allow for broader and more impactful cross-market campaigns than ever before, paving the way for more group deals with prominent clients.

Last, but certainly not least, Invibes will continue to recruit top talent from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds — experts who will help the company go even further as an innovator and disruptor.

Kris Vlaemynck & Nicolas Pollet, Invibes Advertising co-founders: “We are proud beyond words of everything we’ve achieved over our first 10 years, but — more importantly — we are excited for what the future holds. Time has proven that no challenge is too great for Invibes, and our extensive plans for the future will see us pushing boundaries again and again.”

Source: Invibes

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