Gospooky First Dutch Partner of Arcadia, Snap’s Augmented Reality Creative Studio

Arcadia and Gospooky partner to support Snap’s AR campaigns

Social technology agency Gospooky is the first Dutch agency to partner with Arcadia, the augmented reality (AR) creative studio of Snap Inc. Gospooky will support the custom AR activations that Arcadia is helping create as part of Snap Inc’s efforts to enhance concerts and festivals with augmented reality. Gospooky will be responsible for concept, design and execution for select festivals and concerts. The first creation was available last month during the Rolling Loud festival in Miami.

Physical events come to life in augmented reality

Arcadia is the AR creative studio of Snap Inc. Snapchat is currently one of the world’s most widely used messaging apps with over 600 million monthly users, which brings enormous opportunities for the event industry. By pointing the Snapchat camera at the sky, a new world opens on your screen, reflective of the festival or artist’s creative elements. By creating world-class AR experiences for attendees, they are able to unlock creative elements for their photo and video Snaps that transform the live music experience.

Pushing boundaries

As a social technology agency Gospooky operates at the intersection of creativity and innovation, continuously pushing existing boundaries. 

Tim van der Wiel, founder of Gospooky: ‘The choice of Gospooky as the first Dutch agency shows the confidence in us as a trusted partner. This gives Gospooky the opportunity to work with Arcadia and help create impactful AR experiences that enhance the live music experience. We are looking forward to growing, innovating and pushing the boundaries together in the coming years.”

Source: Gospooky

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