Google and Leadfeeder team up to show how marketing data can help sales teams

Google Analytics and Leadfeeder strengthen their partnership by co-creating content to help sales teams worldwide. The first video was released on the Google Analytics YouTube channel.

Leadfeeder is a sales intelligence startup from Finland and one of the world’s top-rated Google Analytics technology partners. Earlier this year Leadfeeder was invited to Google’s Headquarters at Mountain View, California to film the first co-marketing video together with Google Analytics’ team and plan other partnership possibilities with Google Analytics.

Leadfeeder’s CEO Pekka Koskinen is excited about the new co-marketing possibilities with Google: “It’s great to be able to work with a global market leader like Google and help B2B companies get better insights from their website visitors.”

Google’s Analytics Advocate Adam Singer also highlights the importance of the Leadfeeder partnership: “Leadfeeder is a unique and useful technology partner of ours for marketing and sales professionals in the business to business [B2B] space. Leadfeeder’s solution provides the edge for those looking to better analyze their site traffic.”

The partnership will include co-marketing with video, blog posts and other co-operation which will help to establish Leadfeeder as one of the top partners of Google Analytics. Leadfeeder’s Chief Sales Officer Jaakko Paalanen says that the partnership with Google Analytics is a massive step forward: “We have been expanding rapidly in the US and other international markets, so this helps us to get even more visibility and is a dream come true for a young startup.”

Leadfeeder has over 30,000 users worldwide and it is one of the fastest growing startups in the Nordics. Leadfeeder is a website visitor tracking solution that identifies companies and email addresses on your website and shows what they’ve been searching for. This gives B2B sales teams more sales leads and makes B2B sales more intelligent. Leadfeeder utilizes Google Analytics’ data to power its tool.

Source: Leadfeeder

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