Freeverse partners with Play the Game to launch first evolving NFTs campaign for Balearic Islands Department of Tourism

Freeverse’s Living Asset™ technology will power five “Poseidonic” evolving NFT superheroes for the Balearic Islands Department of Tourism’s new campaign.

The Balearic Islands Department of Tourism’s Strategic Tourism Agency (AETIB) has announced a new campaign in partnership with web3 and gaming agency Play the Game and Living Asset™ technology company Freeverse to raise awareness about conserving the endangered Posidonia oceanica meadows – the lung of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The campaign will feature five “Poseidonic” NFT superheroes powered by Freeverse’s Living Assets™ technology, which can “evolve” up to three times based on actions taken by the superhero’s owner on Twitter. 

By performing certain actions on Twitter, users can accumulate points that enable the evolution of their Poseidonic NFT superhero from its initial phase to its end state. These actions include following, liking, and retweeting the Balearic Islands Department of Tourism’s Twitter account, using the campaign hashtag, or uploading a video related the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) about the need for sustainable tourist destination development. Users will become a part of the #SavePosidonia project and be able to play an active role in the protection and conservation of the endangered plant. 

“When we learned about the concept of ‘Living Assets’ back in October 2021, we saw incredible potential. So when AETIB approached us, we recognized a clear opportunity to create a campaign incorporating the technology,” said Oscar Soriano from Play The Game. “However, without storytelling and a strong purpose, we knew we wouldn’t be able to capture the general public’s interest. Therefore, after many intense weeks of work, we were able to launch an innovative campaign based on the technology that offers real value for participants.” 

“Living Asset™ technology is unlocking exciting new digital experiences, turning the passive experience of simply owning a digital collectible or NFT into an active and valuable brand engagement,” said Alun Evans, CEO of Freeverse. “We are thrilled to partner with The Balearic Islands Department of Tourism and Play The Game on this incredibly innovative and creative project that raises awareness about an important environmental issue.”

Freeverse’s Layer-2 scaling technology on the Polygon blockchain has a significantly low impact on the environment. It allows the creation of very low cost, dynamic NFTs that consume more than one million times less energy than regular NFTs and which can be acquired without paying gas fees.

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Source: Play the Game

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