Deliveroo will expand its network with restaurants’ own riders

Deliveroo has revealed its next step to becoming the definitive food company, giving consumers the best selection, price and service. Having built its own extensive delivery network of 35,000 riders worldwide and 15,000 riders in the UK that bring amazing meals direct to customers’ doors, the platform will now also host restaurants who make deliveries with their own riders.

Crucially, restaurants will be able to deliver to customers using either their own riders or Deliveroo’s rider network. This will mean restaurants can fulfil more orders at times of high customer demand, speed up delivery, and extend the times where they can offer delivery.

Deliveroo will offer the best delivery service for both restaurants, who will be able to choose for themselves how best to offer delivery, and for customers, who will get increased choice, price ranges and service options. No other company is offering this mix of services to restaurants or customers.

From July, customers on the app will see both restaurants who make use of Deliveroo’s ‘core’ delivery network and restaurants who deliver meals themselves.

This will mean:

  • A Fifty percent increase in the number of restaurants available to customers. Deliveroo currently works with 10,000 restaurants in the UK who use Deliveroo’s network of 15,000 riders. By expanding to include restaurants who will also deliver orders themselves, Deliveroo predicts 5,000 more restaurants will available on the app by the end of the year.

  • A boost to local restaurants with their own fleet who will be able to also use Deliveroo riders. This will help small restaurants to extend their delivery offer, meet growing customer demand for delivery and increase revenues. No other company can offer this to restaurants. Small restaurants will have access to thousands of Deliveroo riders, who deliver food in an average of 30 minutes.

  • A large expansion of the areas Deliveroo operates in. Deliveroo is set to expand further across the UK by introducing this new service and working with many more restaurants. By the end of the year Deliveroo will expand into 50 new towns and cities in the UK, many of which will offer this new service. Within a year Deliveroo will be able to reach almost 6 million new UK customers.

  • New customers for existing restaurant partners. With more restaurants available, Deliveroo will attract more customers to the platform, who will be introduced to Deliveroo’s existing restaurant partners, which will result in increased sales.

  • Increased earnings for Deliveroo riders. Deliveroo riders will see more opportunities to make deliveries, which will increase riders’ earnings potential.

Deliveroo is only able to start offering ‘Marketplace+’ thanks to its 35,000 strong network of riders globally. This core service led to 650% growth globally in 2017 and is now profitable across the entire UK.

As well as the UK, this new service will launch in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia and Hong Kong. In time, Deliveroo will roll out restaurant delivery alongside its core  service across all markets in which the company operates.

Commenting, Deliveroo CEO and co-founder Will Shu said: “Deliveroo’s growth is matched only by our ambition. Today we are unveiling the next big step in our plan to offer customers an even greater choice of restaurants, at a greater range of prices while continually improving service. That’s why we introduced delivery-only kitchens, bringing new, exciting restaurants to new areas. It’s why we invested in new restaurant brands to boost innovation, and it’s why today we are giving restaurants with their own fleets of riders the chance to be on our platform and to use our rider network whenever they need it. This is a major development for the company that will mean thousands of new restaurants delivering new orders to new customers and it’s part of our mission to become the definitive food company.”

Source: Deliveroo 

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