Cheetah Digital Unveils Customer Engagement Suite at Signals 19

The Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to drive revenue, build lasting customer relationships, and deliver a unique value exchange throughout the entire customer lifecycle

Cheetah Digital, a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for the modern marketer, today announced the debut of its Customer Engagement Suite at Signals 19. The Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to deliver personalized experiences, cross-channel messaging, and loyalty strategies, all based on a foundational data layer, the Cheetah Engagement Data Platform. The Cheetah solution helps marketers to drive revenue, build lasting customer relationships, and deliver a unique value exchange throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

“Despite advances in marketing technology, many brands are still struggling to unify and execute on customer data, understand their customers, and deliver personalization at scale — all of which result in poor experiences for consumers and lost productivity for marketers,” said Sameer Kazi, CEO at Cheetah Digital. “That’s why we’ve worked the last two years to deliver the next generation of customer engagement technology to make marketers more aware of the modern consumer’s needs, more accurate in their decisions, and more data-centric in how they optimize a consumer’s experience across every digital moment. The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite is the only solution in the market that can deliver a complete lifecycle set of solutions for the modern marketer — from acquisition to loyalty.”

End-to-End Cross-Channel Engagement — from Acquisition to Loyalty

To unify customer data, manage decisions, and execute campaigns and experiences across the customer lifecycle, marketers have been forced to choose between two extremes: cobbling together a marketing technology stack with multiple vendors, or leveraging marketing clouds, that take control of customer data and have limited flexibility. And while multiple customer data platforms (CDP) have emerged in the market to address data unification, they require IT integrations and lack seamless coordination with cross-channel experiences.

Built specifically for enterprise marketers, the Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite combines the depth and breadth of a robust data platform with real-time, cross-channel execution capabilities, in a single, unified solution. The Customer Engagement Suite includes:

  • Cheetah Experiences: Delivers interactive digital acquisition experiences that will delight customers, collect first- and zero-party data, and secure valuable permissions needed to execute compliant and successful cross-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Cheetah Messaging: Enables marketers to create and deliver relevant, personalized marketing campaigns across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Cheetah Loyalty: Provides marketers with the tools to create and deliver unique loyalty programs that generate an emotional connection between brands and their customers.
  • Cheetah Engagement Data Platform: A foundational data layer and personalization engine that enables marketers to drive data from intelligent insights to action at speed and scale.

Cheetah Engagement Data Platform — Turning Insights into Action

Purpose-built to drive customer engagement, the Cheetah Engagement Data Platform is the foundational data layer of the Customer Engagement Suite. The Cheetah Engagement Data Platform provides real-time data collection, profile unification, segmentation, and machine learning-driven insights — while enabling personalized cross-channel communications, customer experiences, and loyalty programs all from a single platform. The Cheetah Engagement Data Platform works seamlessly with Cheetah Experiences, Cheetah Messaging, and Cheetah Loyalty, resulting in cohesive, intuitive and personalized brand communications for customers.

“Already being used by some of the world’s leading brands, the Cheetah Engagement Data Platform offers marketers unprecedented, real-time access to the customer record, a library of analytical models and tactics, and a real-time decisioning engine that can respond to customer signals and deliver the next best action with automated customer journeys,” said Bill Ingram, Chief Product Officer at Cheetah Digital. “Whether a brand is looking to create a single customer view across all data silos, analyze insights and trends in the data, or deliver triggered messages across channels, the Cheetah Engagement Data Platform acts as the foundation on which relevant, engaging, customer-centric marketing campaigns are created.”

“Cheetah Digital provides us with the ability to generate a single customer view that we can continuously augment and refine over time to inform our various cross-channel and cross-brand initiatives,” said Michael Stutts, EVP, Chief Customer Officer at Bloomin Brands. “We are thrilled with the great people and technology that Cheetah Digital brings to the table, and are excited about what the future holds for our programs.”

Cheetah Digital announced numerous additional product innovations at Signals 19. To learn more about all of the product announcements, read this blog post by Cheetah Digital Chief Product Officer Bill Ingram.

Source: Cheetah Digital

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