Beatgrid Stakes Adtech Prominence With Strategic Board Hires And The Announcement Of Leading Global Brand Campaigns

Beatgrid, the single-source cross-media Adtech platform, today announces Matthew O’Grady and Brendon Cook’s appointments to the board of directors, as well as a list of renowned global brands that have trusted their cross-media measurement solutions. The announcement of Matthew O’Grady and Brendon Cook brings a former CEO at Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and a former founder and CEO of oOh! Media -Australia and New Zealand-, respectively, to the same table. Their appointments coincide with a phase of exponential growth ushered by global campaigns with Google, Unilever, The Trade Desk, Vevo, Coles Supermarket, and Virgin, as Beatgrid exits stealth mode as an established innovator in the cross-media advertising measurement scene.

Matthew O’Grady and Brendon Cook join as the first Board Advisors since Beatgrid’s founding in 2014. The industry heavyweights join as Beatgrid enters a new growth phase. Beatgrid came to its current position by working quietly alongside the likes of Google, P&G, and Vevo to finesse the product suite. The company is now well placed to accelerate expansion in key markets in the US, Australia, UK and Europe, whilst preparing for new product launches in Q2. 

Beatgrid addresses one of the most pressing concerns for global brands and marketers today: the accurate measurement for attribution of advertising investments, it drastically cuts ‘ad waste’, allowing for better allocation of media budgets. Using passive ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology, capturing ad exposure through a single-source across all channels, resulting in Beatgrid’s technology, able to capture all the buckets of unmeasured touchpoints, an unachievable feat by even the world’s largest marketing technology incumbents. 

Matthew O’Grady said, “I joined Beatgrid because I believe in both the management team and the technology. I am pleased to share my 20+ years of measurement experience with Beatgrid as they refine and expand their product and commercial strategies. They are growing quickly in the hyper, hot space of audience measurement which is critical for both publishers and advertisers. The founders have the vision and foresight to understand where the measurement market is heading: deduplicated cross-platform measurement for all campaigns, and they are at the forefront of a wave with their superior ACR technology.”

Brendon Cook, “As a former media owner who’s invested heavily in audience measurement in a variety of ways, including performance research, I became intrigued by Beatgrid and the team’s work in Australia for Google. Beatgrid is an emerging platform showing exponential growth, and that’s down to the cross-media ACR solution and its ability to also connect to Out of Home (OOH) advertising. It means the world’s best brand drivers TVC/audio and OOH can all be measured as one. Beatgrid is uniquely positioned as an agnostic platform, relaying only the qualified and directly attributable data that brands need to heighten their appeal, and, vitally, improve their media and creative spend.”

The double-hires mark Beatgrid’s first step in staking industry prominence for cross-media advertising measurement, further validating Beatgrid’s solution as the new advisors look to guide Beatgrid efforts for scaling this year and beyond. 

Daniel Tjondronegoro, Co-Founder of Beatgrid comments that “Once we realized that our technology platform was uniquely positioned as a great product-to-market fit, we saw that the time was right to bring in strategic advisors, to internationally grow the company and start an exciting new chapter. I immediately knew that Matt would be of tremendous value to our growth strategy, and Brendon is one of the most knowledgeable leaders in media trading measurement. He brings a wealth of expertise to our Out-Of-Home advertising measurement improvements and is already adding value to our expansion in Australia. With Matt, his leadership experience, which includes running Nielsen Catalina Solutions as CEO, has allowed us to get the right guidance in making pivotal business decisions, quickly.

We wouldn’t be here without some of our early partners and software users, so I would like to thank them for their trust from the outset, and for their support in helping us build Beatgrid into the company we can shout about today.” 

Since the new platform launched in 2019 with its first global clients, Beatgrid has gone from strength to strength. In that time, Beatgrid has provided marketing and advertising decision-makers with an indispensable tool to measure how their cross-media and creative investments are directly attributable across all advertising mediums, helping to cut costs and target spending scientifically. 

Leon van Zantvoort, Founder of Beatgrid summarises, “After years of R&D and market validation, we have accomplished exponential growth over the past 3 years. Beatgrid needs to scale rapidly to facilitate this continued growth. Now is the right time for us to extend the advisory board with experienced leaders in our industry to help us further shape the company while we’re scaling up. I’m proud that Matt and Brendon are part of our journey.”

Richard Brant, Director, Advanced TV, UK & International at Vevo, adds, “Vevo works with Beatgrid because they have the unique ability to incorporate all points of cross-media reach using their single source measurement methodology. As music video content is increasingly viewed through the TV screen, it’s hugely important to us and our clients that we understand what incremental audience Vevo delivers on top of traditional/existing AV campaigns. As Beatgrid’s measurement technology does not rely on the need to integrate with each AV distribution channel, it means all video platforms can be incorporated and defined within overall campaign reach.” 

Source: Beatgrid

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