Adobe Brings Tailored Customer Experiences into the Future with New Capabilities in Audience Manager

Experience with a brand has become as important as its product or service, and as a result, brands must take note by designing and delivering personalised experiences.

Forward-thinking brands know they can deliver great experiences through innovative marketing platforms that are designed to put the consumer first. In order to deliver the right experience at the right time to the right person, marketers need to have tight controls over the data they are using and be able to quickly turn that data into actionable insights. Finally, yet importantly, they need to be able to do this at scale.

As a leader in customer experience, Adobe continues to advance their audience management capabilities to keep pace with rising customer expectations. This fall, they’ve launched several features in Audience Manager, Adobe’s DMP, to provide marketers with better controls, faster workflows, valuable insights, and actionability at scale – all of which help enable more tailored customer experiences.

Trait Exclusion in Algorithmic Models: Advancing lookalike output

A model is only as good as the data it’s given, and traditional lookalike models can be biased by extremely common traits like site visitors, which prevent model outputs from being valuable and specific. Some customers want to build models using a subset of traits from a 3rd party provider, instead of using all traits.

The new Trait Exclusion capability in Algorithmic Models supercharges Adobe’s Audience Manager lookalike models, powered by Adobe Sensei’s machine learning framework. This new capability provides unmatched transparency and control in lookalike modelling by making it possible to exclude selected traits from model analysis, ensuring lookalike output is valuable and focused on relevant and appropriate audience traits.

Trait Exclusion enables use cases such as:

  • Assuring that common catch-all traits, such as site visitors, don’t bias a lookalike model, leading to flat results;
  • Removing unfamiliar or undesired traits from a data source to better understand the influential traits;
  • Excluding certain traits – such as demographic traits – from a third-party data source, thereby using third-party data in compliance with customer specific data privacy regulations.

“Audience Manager customers are now able to focus on building lookalike models from the traits most relevant to their business without latency,” explains Terry Chen, senior product manager of Adobe Audience Manager. “Trait Exclusion will provide users access to additional visibility and control over the data inputs into algorithmic modelling enabling greater transparency and tailored customer experiences.”

Trait Exclusion in Algorithmic Models is built into the standard workflow for Audience Manager lookalike modelling and available to all Audience Manager customers.

Audience Marketplace: Segment-level CPM impression reporting

Effective now, Audience Marketplace – which is part of Audience Manager – offers digital marketers a big respite from the problems of impression reporting and manual cost attribution.

As part of a newly released enhancement in Audience Marketplace, customers will be able to report on impressions at a segment level, aligning with how DSPs report on monthly usage.  This new functionality also takes away the need for marketers to perform offline calculations for cost attribution; as a data buyer, if you bought 2nd party or 3rd party data on a cost per thousand (or CPM) plan from Audience Marketplace, the cost attribution to different data feeds for all your segments will now be performed automatically via their newly built cost attribution engine. The attribution policy itself has also improved; it’s now based on the unique counts of traits, resulting in more transparency and equitable usage billing.

As a data provider, it will mean better engagement from subscribers, leading to happier customers. For marketers, no matter how complex the segment logic, there will be almost negligible friction with attribution.

Data Explorer GA: Activating raw audience data for greater insights

During fast-moving campaigns, product launches or content publishing there isn’t always time to  consider audience creation at “go time”. Data Explorer, a new suite of capabilities in Adobe Audience Manager, is now generally available for customers to organise, analyse and activate on raw data, providing insights on their most valuable audiences. Data Explorer reimagines audience management for marketers offering time saving and easy workflow so that no valuable piece of data is ever left uncovered. Data Explorer was previously announced this fall in Beta and is now live.

Adobe continues to elevate the way marketers engage with customers and audience management is a critical piece of that strategy. Customer expectations will only heighten, and Adobe is leading the charge with providing marketers the most innovative audience modelling and attribution tools, including Trait Exclusion, Audience Marketplace and Data Explorer within Audience Manager, to deliver tailored, more targeted experiences at scale.

Source: Adobe 

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