AdColony Ranked as the Most Trustworthy Programmatic Mobile Ad Platform

Pixalate recently released the latest version of their Mobile Sellers Trust Index where they rank the top mobile platforms in programmatic advertising, and AdColony was number one on the list, rising three spots from the last ranking.

As mobile advertisers increasingly turn to programmatic ad buying, the issue of trust comes up frequently. Advertisers and agencies want partners that are transparent, offer full reporting, and can deliver what they promise upfront; publishers want high-quality traffic and data.

Pixalate’s rankings are one solution that can provide clarity here, and they analyze data from billions of programmatic transactions across the entire advertising stack, looking at things like transparency, reach, and the availability and precision of location data. They also look at more technical items like General Invalid Traffic Score (GIVT) and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic Score (SIVT).

According to Jed Lambert, SVP of Programmatic at AdColony, the key driver behind the ranking is their continued focus on inventory that comes directly through our SDK, via some of the largest app-developers in the world.

Jed summed this up by saying: “Our SDK is delivering high-quality, full-screen experiences in the most popular apps, and the inventory is 100 percent produced (as opposed to UGC), 100 percent viewable and has 90 percent completion rates. This commitment to quality, and our continuous efforts to improve, will ensure buyers on our platform that whether they are managed service, PMP, or open market, they have a transparent, brand safe environment to reach global audiences on the world’s most popular applications.”

Source: AdColony

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