Abel & Cole Launches New App To Boost Customer Retention

Organic grocery business Abel & Cole has launched a new consumer app to enhance its overall customer experience.

Following a huge increase in customers during the UK Lockdowns, the 30-year old online retailer looked to find ways to best serve both new and existing consumers and build a better value exchange. 

Its internal team worked in partnership with digital product studio Code Computerlove to understand the needs of its audiences, with the introduction of an app the clear winner.  

Hannah Shipton, Managing Director at Abel & Cole, said: “We have an extremely loyal customer base and prior to Covid we had begun to look at how we could make shopping with us easier and quicker. I’m delighted that, despite the challenges we faced meeting the demand for our service during the lockdown periods, that this project remained on track.

“The app complements our easy website ordering process, making it simple for customers to manage their subscriptions and add to their orders from both interfaces.

“Whilst we’re best known for our organic fruit and veg boxes, our range of organic food and drink has continued to grow so that customers can complete most of their weekly shop with us now. The app allows customers to easily and intuitively find the very best products for them and manage their weekly shop quicker than ever before.”

Rob Jones from Code Computerlove added: “We worked with Abel & Cole customers throughout the design process to create a solution that meets their exacting needs. By testing prototypes with real users – many of whom have been customers for many years – we were able to identify that, not only was the app successful in creating a market-leading shopping experience, but that it also increased average order values.

“Abel & Cole has a team of talented analysts within the business and by working hand in hand with them we have been able to redefine how we analyse and measure ‘customer value’ and introduce value-led features to the product we’re creating for them.

“Data-led insight continues to inform our product roadmap for both the website and app, ensuring our iterations achieve the targets we’re setting.” 

The new Abel & Cole app is now available to download for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Code Computerlove

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