Video ad management platform Peach launches developer API

Global video ad management platform Peach today announced its new Developer API, which enables partners to build apps and integrations on top of their video advertising platform. 

The API is designed to automate the integration of ad metadata and video assets via public links, then files are quality checked and distributed to broadcasters and platforms.

“There’s still far too much manual re-entry of campaign metadata and media plan info — and too much downloading and uploading of files between systems. We want to solve this, so you can focus on more creative or strategic aspects,” said Doug Conely, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Peach. “We want to modernise the whole ad ecosystem — reducing the manual work and reducing errors. The Peach Developer API is a key part in making this happen. We can’t wait to get it into our client’s hands and see what can be created with it.”

Offering an end-to-end, collaborative platform for sourcing and distributing content, Peach simplifies video ad distribution across linear and digital channels. It allows assets to be tracked, quality assured and guarantees all ads arrive at their destinations in perfect condition.

Operating across over 100 countries worldwide, Peach technology is revolutionising advertising industry workflows, replacing laborious manual tasks with automated processes, and offering efficiency, visibility, and security. 

Designed for broadcasters, digital, social and TV, Peach makes it easy to work across the entire ecosystem from creative agencies, media agencies, production and advertisers to broadcasters and media owners.

The Peach Developer API is available now to customers and partners globally. 

Source: Peach

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