VeraViews Delivers First Third-Party Developed  Ad-Support Plugin for the Brightcove Web Player

Verasity, an adtech company built on the principles of open ledger technology, announced today that the VeraViews adtech stack has delivered the first third-party developed ad-support plugin for the Brightcove Web Player.

Brightcove Inc. the trusted leader in streaming technology, creates reliable, scalable, and secure video technology solutions for media and enterprise organizations to help build a greater connection with their audiences. 

VeraViews is an open ledger advertising ecosystem built around Verasity’s patented ‘Proof of View’ (PoV) fraud identification technology.  Offering simple, fraud-free, and transparent video monetization, VeraViews provides transparent invalid traffic (IVT) tracking for publishers and auditable campaign statistics for brands. 

Following its web integration with the Brightcove Web Player, VeraViews hopes to become one of the most powerful and auditable solutions for preventing ad fraud.

Olena Buyan, Chief Product Officer for Verasity, says: “Integrating VeraViews with the Brightcove Web Player has been the primary target for the Verasity product team during 2022. We are incredibly pleased that not only is VeraViews now approved for use in the Brightcove Web Player, but it also passed a comprehensive review for plugins deployed on the Brightcove Marketplace. We are now at a stage where any publisher using the Brightcove Web Player can Plug-and-Play VeraViews to begin protecting their advertising campaigns from fraud.”

Any publisher or brand using Brightcove to host content can seamlessly deploy VeraViews in just a few simple steps, beginning with account creation on

Rajan Shah, VP, Technology Partners & Integrations at Brightcove, said of the VeraViews integration: “VeraViews offers customers an alternative, 3rd-Party ad-support plugin for the Brightcove Web Player in addition to our currently supported IMA3 and Freewheel plugins.  After extensive testing, we’re delighted to offer VeraViews to our customers who are interested in their anti-ad-fraud solution.”

Verasity will continue to look for ways to bring value to publishers on the Brightcove Web Player by advancing innovative anti-fraud solutions. Find out more about VeraViews by visiting

Source: VeraViews

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