Swaarm Launches Actionable Analytics Tool, “Explorer”, Helping Performance Marketers Manage Millions of Events Within Seconds

Explorer is part of the company’s Automation suite of products, which aim to dramatically simplify marketers’ day-to-day tasks - with initial research showing the tool saves users an estimated 60 minutes a day

Swaarm, a leading global performance-based marketing platform, today announced the launch of its pioneering new reporting tool for digital marketers – “Explorer”. The tool provides clients with a competitive edge, allowing them to manage billions of events within seconds, slice and dice real-time data, and give them the insights they need to more efficiently operate their business.

Explorer is part of the company’s Automation suite of products, which aim to dramatically simplify and improve marketers’ day-to-day tasks. While the digital advertising industry continues to grow at breakneck speed – with total digital ad spending expected to hit $455.30 billion this year – the process behind ad management has become increasingly complex. A marketer managing 10,000 campaigns across 10 publishers and 10 sub-publishers can easily have up to a million data points to analyze, often in unwieldy spreadsheets and pivot tables.

Swaarm’s Explorer solution allows marketers to:

  • Easily sort data within seconds, allowing for instant analysis across channels: With Explorer, marketers can drag and drop data in the tool for quick sorting and filtering, and analyze data across campaigns, publisher and sub-publisher segments.
  • Identify market trends and optimize performance: From there, marketers can use the extensive insights provided to optimize their campaigns – for example, to identify why a campaign isn’t driving traffic or converting users as expected. With its streamlined UI and easy functionality, anyone can use Explorer to extract insights from their data without sorting through reams of spreadsheets – and initial customer feedback shows that Explorer saves a manager an average of 60 minutes a day.
  • Dive deeper into their data with granular analytics: Explorer provides three times the analytics than other competitors’ platforms, including 25 Dimensions (ie, how marketers choose to group their data – whether by advertisers, publishers, traffic and more), and 20 Measures (which statistics they choose to view).  

“We’re delighted to launch our Explorer product, which has been built the same way as all our products: informed by our clients’ needs and driven by our goal to simplify marketers’ daily tasks,” commented David Frei, CEO of Swaarm. “We saw that our clients needed a better way to seamlessly analyze millions of data points – and by helping them offload the routine, manual chores, Explorer gives them back the time and resources to focus on more business-critical work.” 

Today’s Explorer launch follows a strong period of growth for Swaarm and comes hot on the heels of the launch of its attribution chain methodology Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain). The first-of-its-kind in the mobile advertising industry, PEA Chain provides an effective attribution model for companies impacted by Apple’s removal of its user device Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) in iOS 14.

Source: Swaarm

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