Supermetrics’ Revenue Increased To $40.9 Million, Number Of Employees Doubled From Previous Year

Pioneer of big data tools with over 17,000 customers is expected to become the next Finnish unicorn

Helsinki-based start-up Supermetrics today announced its 2021 financial results. The company’s turnover increased to $40.9 million, and the result was $6.9 million. The number of employees has increased by 100% from 137 employees at the end of 2020 to 260 at present. Supermetrics is targeting further substantial growth in 2022 and projecting to double their staff, continue overall revenue growth at 50%, and grow North America market revenue by 60% to keep up with annual pace.

 Founded in Finland in 2013 by Mikael Thuneberg, Supermetrics specializes in marketing data integration tools that make it easy for marketing analysts and business intelligence teams to move and integrate data to data warehouses, BI tools, and easy-to-use applications such as Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel. The company has grown organically since the beginning and has been profitable since day one. Supermetrics has offices in Helsinki, Dublin, Vilnius, Atlanta and Singapore. In March 2022, Viva Technology selected Supermetrics for its European Top 100 Unicorns list, which predicts non-listed companies with prospects to reach a valuation of more than $1 billion.

Mikael Thuneberg, founder of Supermetrics says: “It’s a testament to the market size and need for managing big data that our growth rate is continuously accelerating. This year, our goal is to continue on our strong growth path and to at least double our turnover. The US market is growing in importance for us, and we expect to grow faster here than elsewhere in the world.”

As the amount of data increases exponentially, its collection has become increasingly challenging with various consumer protection regulations and changes in services. For instance, changes in how Apple and Facebook share user data make it more difficult for brands to gather data and customize targeting. These changes have fundamentally affected marketing strategies and pose new challenges to marketers.

Supermetrics has achieved a solid position among its target audience of marketing teams, agencies and enterprise customers around the world and is today one of the most successful companies in its industry. Supermetrics has been a pioneer in creating user-friendly data tools: while traditional data tools have been designed mainly for engineers, Supermetrics makes it easy for anyone to organize massive amounts of data. In this way, it has democratized data in companies and made it available also to non-technical workers.

“The sophisticated integration of marketing data from hundreds of different platforms and data warehouses is a challenge for many companies. The explosive growth of data and its being siloed to various target destinations complicates monitoring, reporting and analysis, so the marketing industry data problem is not disappearing, on the contrary. Sophisticated data integration solutions are becoming vital for businesses, and Supermetrics provides an efficient solution for businesses of all sizes,” Thuneberg continues.

Supermetrics’ more than 17,000 customers include a number of well-known companies and organizations, such as HubSpot, Nestlé, Dow Jones, CDC, Ogilvy, Federal Government of Canada, Fox, and Volvo. The company’s partner list also includes lots of household names, such as Spotify and LinkedIn.

Source: Supermetrics

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