Play Your Way With Facebook Groups

Facebook App has launched its first podcast. The “Play Your Way” Podcast celebrates how Facebook Groups help make sports and passions more accessible for people with disabilities. 

Play Your Way Podcast

Featuring six episodes and released in conjunction with the launch of Facebook App’s new Podcast feature in the U.S., the first three episodes are hosted by Paralympian, writer and comedian Josh Sundquist, and are focused on accessibility within sports. The following three episodes are hosted by comedian, actor and writer Danielle Perez and celebrate adaptive modeling, the arts, and taking pride in disability. 

Diving into fun and frank conversations with nine different Facebook Groups, they tackle important issues on disability, share insights from their communities, and discuss how they find innovative ways to enjoy the things they love. 

The podcast is an extension of the “Play Your Way” social campaign launched by Creative X, Facebook’s in-house agency, during the Paralympics—celebrating adaptive Facebook Groups and the incredible athletes within them. 

The Play Your Way Podcast is released weekly in the U.S. and found on the podcast tab of the Facebook App mobile page, as well as other listening platforms, including: SpotifyPocket CastsRadio Public and Google Podcasts

Listen to Ep 1 on Spotify.

“The Play Your Way Podcast celebrates how each of the guests innovates their sport or passion to work for them — because there’s no one size fits all when it comes to disability. From adaptive surfing to modeling, all six episodes hit very different notes, but they all exemplify the help and support people can find in safe and inclusive communities with Facebook Groups.” Naz Nazli – Creative Director.


Creative X, Facebook: 

  • Naz Nazli, Creative Director
  • Stephanie Mitchell, Art Director
  • Kevin Fitz, Copywriter
  • Charlotte Peterson, Producer
  • Sara Mott, Producer
  • Rachel Greenlee, Program Manager
  • Christina Hadly, Business Affairs Manager
  • Russ Nadler, Business Affairs Manager
  • Mallory Gordon, Executive Producer
  • Jan Jaworski, Creative Director
  • Jesse Coulter, Head of Creative, Facebook App and Messenger 
  • Adrienne Walpole, Head of Program Management
  • Amanda Goodspeed, Vice President Creative X

Social Marketing: 

  • Maddy Pagnucco, Social Marketing Manager
  • Chloe Shaughnessy, Social Marketing Manager
  • Nanditha Gopi, Community Manager 
  • Krista Shealy, Social Marketing Manager, Brand
  • Jason Bedecarre, Social Marketing Lead
  • Samantha Wu, VP Consumer Brand & Product Marketing, FB App

Accelerator Fund Panel:

  • Kieren Sullivan, Program Manager Creative X
  • Paola Bersi, Program Manager Creative X 
  • Andrew Furth, Program Manager Creative X
  • Khe Yeh, Global AdTech and Performance Lead
  • Pete Opakunle, Global Performance, FB Platform
  • Alyssa Ward, Decision Science Manager
  • Seth Whitehead, Global Client Lead 
  • Debashish Patra, Global Solutions Partner
  • Carlos Murad, Global Creative Lead
  • Gina Fleming, Marketing Science Partner

Accessibility Team

  • Mike Shebanek, Head of Accessibility
  • Vince Abbate, Content Designer, Central Accessibility
  • Sumi Das, Comms Mgr, Social Impact & Accessibility

IRL Panel:

  • Nicole Wight, Community Manager
  • Li Tian, Quantitative Researcher
  • Kwesie Blair, Brand Strategist
  • Amanda Arevalo, Integrated Marketing Manager
  • Lynn Nakamura, Art Director
  • Catherine Benavides, Business Program Manager
  • Nicole Wight, Community Manager, Power Admin Group
  • Luiza Taveira Conde, Platform Partnerships Marketing Manager
  • Tatiana Gonzales, Intl Marketing Manager
  • Angie Gontaruk, Consumer Product Marketing Manager

CPMI, Comms, Strategy, Decision Science:

  • Brenda Lawrence, Strategic Media Planning
  • Bryce Schoening, Global Performance Marketing 
  • Shand Swanson, Communications Manager
  • Edward Yu, Decision Scientist
  • Aliz Csaki, Brand Marketing Strategist

External Vendors: 

Salt & Lime

  • Chrissy Glickman, Casting Director
  • Britt Kinnard, Lead Casting Producer


  • Jeff Malen and Meg Ochs, Session Engineers
  • Tom Paolantonio, Podcast Editor (Mix & Production)
  • Susie Boyajan, Executive Producer 

Facebook Music Team

  • Laura González, Music Editor/Composer
  • Kate Metcalf Johnson, Music Producer
  • Justin Hunt, Music Production Manager

Animation and Production Partner: Golden LA

  • Kenneth Robin, Creative Director
  • Mr. Kiji, Animation and Design
  • Jessica Le, Producer
  • Kevin Gallagher, Post Supervisor
  • Matthew Marquis, Managing Director 


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