Mix your moment: The new campaign concept for Pisco Intipalka created by Lead Digital

Pisco Intipalka surprises us with its new concept where it rescues an action that predominates in the lives of many Peruvians, but few usually notice: The mixture. Since we are born we mix with the world, family, friends, mix food, moments, music, our whole life is a constant mix. Simply put, we mix everything!

The concept stems from a reality about the consumption of Pisco in Peru: the majority of Peruvians mix it and, therefore, instead of changing this consumption habit, the agency decided to strengthen it and motivate the audience to continue mixing their moment.

In addition, they developed three tag lines for content: mix your experience, mix your fun and mix your music, focusing on the latter to be able to get closer to the field of young people who usually go to parties and meetings, where music is essential In your fun.

And to complement this, they created a Spotify account with the name of Pisco Intipalka that contains playlists of various musical genres so that everyone can mix their music, their moment and their Pisco Intipalka. Now, they have their sights on the beach season and summer to continue exploiting this concept.

Listen to the Pisco Intipalka playlist on Spotify and start mixing your moment here: https://open.spotify.com/user/piscointipalka?si=vs3VKOAwSyKMhvdL5UIekA)


Client: Intipalka

Brand: Pisco Intipalka

Brand Manager: Piero Fumagalli

Agency: Lead Digital

Directors: Renzo Apumayta / Miro Giovannini

Account Executive: Carla Lázaro / Andrea Salas

Creative Senior: Bruno Calmet

Creative Copywriter: Stefanny Díaz

Graphic Designer: Nataly Alva

Social Media Coordinator: Erika Meza / Naydú Mendoza

Community Manager: Mariángel Díaz / Angie Alarcón

Digital Media Supervisor: Walter Reátegui

Digital Media Assistant: Cecilia Castro

Source: Lead Digital

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