Elliot Hill Joins Verasity as Communications Director

Blockchain expert to lead communications for adtech leader globally

Today the blockchain and ad-tech leader, Verasity, announces that Elliot Hill has joined its growing team to lead communications, PR, and content strategy. Elliot has worked in blockchain, PR and communications since early 2017, having previously worked with the likes of the Cardano Foundation, Occam Finance, Sygnum digital asset bank, Mode, and many other start-ups and established blockchain projects.  

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Elliot will elevate Verasity’s coverage in major publications through carefully placed PR, whilst building out a content strategy to deliver regular news, tech deep-dives, and thought leadership to Verasity’s community, and helping to shape messaging around Verasity’s product verticals for enterprise clients. He will also explore the use of visual media, such as video content and regular podcasts, in order to give the Verasity community new ways to stay connected with its latest news.

He explains:

“I am incredibly excited to join the Verasity team. I’m an avid gamer and blockchain enthusiast, and in my professional life I focus on advertising challenges and video publishing — so finding a role at the intersection of all three of these huge growth sectors is a dream come true. Verasity is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and rapidly growing blockchain projects in the space, and I look forward to producing a wealth of insights and content for the always-hungry Verasity community.

Verasity has just completed a major corporate rebranding exercise and refreshed its www.verasity.io website, in the most significant brand transformation that the blockchain and ad-tech leader has made to date. As it sets out to transform its engagement strategies and broaden its appeal to a wider audience, Verasity’s website now includes a content library including the latest news, eSports tournaments and other highlights for its community.

Source: Verasity

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