Cavai and Azerion Deliver Industry First With Conversational In-Stream Video

Cavai, the leading conversational advertising cloud, and Azerion, the digital entertainment and media platform, today announce the launch of conversational in-stream video; a new and creative format designed to optimise engagement via the uniquely powerful combination of moving image and personalised interaction.

Sophie Gunyon, UK Sales Director, Cavai, explains: “This launch provides the industry with a fresh opportunity for conversational engagement in a unique setting. We already know that in-stream video is a powerful media and one which offers a captive audience. And so, as our partnership with Azerion continues, we are delighted to deliver an industry first; one which strengthens the hand of brands, publishers and agencies seeking to adopt personalised conversational advertising within video, at a time when we’re seeing growing appetite for new solutions that deliver two-way dialogue.”

Paul Lowrey, Director of Strategy, Insight and Marketing at Azerion UK comments: “As a trusted partner, we are thrilled that Cavai continues to push the boundaries with innovative ad formats, thereby allowing us to extend our own product mix and video capabilities. We all know the appetite for video advertising is growing – with the IAB UK’s Digital Adspend report, conducted with PwC, showing that video is up 58%. We’re delighted to deliver to the market an opportunity for brands to go further than standardised pre roll, and to drive engagement which goes beyond just attention.”

Tommy Torjesen, CPO and co-founder, Cavai adds: “We have high expectations for our latest video solution to the market. A natural starting point for active interaction, short-form video is already proven to trigger interest. Now video in-stream opens up more inventory and fresh opportunities for engagement in a format. This complements Cavai’s in-banner offering, enabling advertisers to fully  harness the power of moving images.”

Cavai’s long-standing, global relationship with Azerion has enabled it to launch in specific markets and enable growing numbers to benefit from its creative and interactive formats. Having built the world’s leading global conversational advertising cloud, designed to boost audience engagement, its clients are experiencing massively increased ROI thanks to non-interruptive communications which enable two-way dialogue between audiences and brands.

Meanwhile, Azerion’s local sales presence, strong network and expertise in technology, combined with its wealth of knowledge around tech and advertising, is helping Cavai to deliver stand out campaigns and to support clients in a local, specific and highly personal way.

In recent months, Cavai has undergone significant international expansion, with its privacy-by-design conversational advertising solutions recognised by growing numbers globally. The company continues to develop next-generation, user-centric marketing solutions which enable one-to-one dialogue with consumers across a variety of formats. As marketers move away from interruptive formats, Cavai’s clients are enabling true interactivity and bringing much-needed humanity to brand communications.

Source: Cavai

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