Brand New Galaxy Creates An E-Commerce Platform For Abu Dhabi Coop

Brand New Galaxy (MEA) has started collaboration with Abu Dhabi Coop, a pioneer in the UAE retail industry. Abu Dhabi Coop is well-known in the region for its receptivity to innovation and the result of this cooperation will be another step in this direction. As a result of the creation of a new e-commerce platform by BNG MEA, Abu Dhabi Coop will enter the demanding online market with an innovative digital solution, giving its customers full online access to thousands of its products.

Abu Dhabi Coop is a well-known and established brand in the UAE that has, until now, been purely focused on in store commerce. To meet rising expectations of its loyal customer base, Abu Dhabi Coop has decided to create an online platform for its grocery business and have selected Brand New Galaxy MEA to develop this e-commerce solution.

A relentless pursuit of operational excellence through innovation and continuous improvement lies in our DNA. One of our business purposes that constantly fuels our operation is to provide a compelling shopping experience by answering the expectations of our customers with an innovative mindset. That is why observing the ongoing global changes and the need for developing new digital solutions that would support traditional retail operations, we have decided to take that step and be even more available for our clients with our services – says Oliver White of ADCoop.

The grocery platform created by Brand New Galaxy MEA will use several innovative e-commerce solutions provided by commercetools. The app will be based on microservices, which means that elements such as an e-commerce engine, customer communications, picking methods, last-mile delivery will be provided to the app separately and independently. commercetools invented the headless, cloud-native approach to digital commerce, separating backend functionality from the front-end consumer interface.

“Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society, and its brands such as Coop, Spar and Megamart, has been a pioneer in retail since its inception. Building on this innovative mindset using modern composable application architecture to meet its customer experience digital transformation goals seemed to be a natural next step. As the no1 headless commerce platform, commercetools fits well into Abu Dhabi Coop’s end state architecture, giving the company the speed required to launch their new app in months, the scalability required to meet huge spikes in demand and the modern architecture needed to future-proof their investment. We are looking forward to a long partnership with the Coop, so as with BNG MEA as our MEA partner.” – says Nikhil Kulkarni Sales Director MENA at commercetools.

The application will offer customers quick and easy access to an impressive database of products. A user-friendly interface and intuitive search tools will make the ordering process smooth, whereas the original and modern design will attract new clients. 

We are excited to partner with ADCoop on such a demanding project and glad that we have the opportunity to practice our expertise and experience in modern technological architecture of microservices. We also combined our global capability centres to deliver full service on UX, design and technology. It will be another innovative app created by BNG MEA, setting the new E-commerce trends on the MEA market – adds Darko Bosiljčić Business Operations Director BNG MEA.

Source: Brand New Galaxy MEA

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