Affise releases new mobile measurement platform

Affise Attribution becomes the third service in the Affise ecosystem

Partnership marketing tech provider Affise has launched a new mobile measurement platform (MMP) known as Affise Attribution. 

Affise Attribution becomes the latest part of the expanding Affise ecosystem of services, which together provide a seamless, fully integrated view of performance marketing data.

The Affise Attribution platform includes access to Facebook mobile attribution data, and provides more accurate attribution information than current existing services. It also boasts a transparent pricing model, which supports up to 10,000 monthly active users (MAUs) at no charge.

In its initial version, Affise Attribution supports the Android software development kit (SDK), as well as the Unity SDK and WebView SDK plus web-to-app, deeplinks, Facebook attribution, uninstall/reinstall tracking, Android package (APK) tracking, pre-installed tracking, and more.

The driving forces behind the creation of Affise Attribution are Affise CTO Dmitri Zotov and Affise Head of Mobile Attribution Aleksei Protopopov, who have both wanted to bring Affise’s commitment to the world of mobile attribution for many years.

Explaining the origins of Affise Attribution, Zotov said: “When we launched Affise Performance in 2016, we changed the performance marketing industry. We helped affiliate marketers measure what was really important to them – sales – and helped them escape from having to rely only on inaccurate, secondary data.

“Aleksei and I have long dreamt of building an entire ecosystem of products that will provide our customers with comprehensive performance marketing data in one integrated system. Adding mobile attribution is an important step on this journey.”

The release of Affise Attribution follows another expansion of the Affise ecosystem which took place earlier this year. Affise Reach, a partnership marketing service, was launched in March 2022.

Source: Affise

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